Social Networking for Dherbs.com

Dherbs used to appear on the Steve Harvey Show when it was on. Their main product is a "Full Body Cleanse" where you are required to eat raw vegan for 20 days while taking a set of capsules every two hours to cleanse different organ systems. I've done it 7 times.

At Dherbs.com, our team consisted of a Graphic Designer, a Creative Director, a Writer, a Videographer, and me: the Content Designer for Social Networking. I repurposed content written by our writer for social networking, we produced recipe videos to help people looking for raw vegan recipes, and I also worked with influencers and customers who posted content. Fact: When I first started creating content and strategizing for Dherbs in 2018, their Instagram had 43k followers. When I made my last post in April 2021, the account had 108k followers. Did I take advantage of the fact that the word "vegan" increased in search popularity by 600% in 2018? Yes, I did!

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