Brooke Louise

Once, an analog girl

Even deep into the digital age, the now archaic ways of producing with media still hold aesthetic relevance. Storytelling is timeless. When I cross inspiring brands and people, I am compelled to share them with the world by applying their mojo to multimedia.

I work long term contracts with brands, and I also occasionally take on more personal artistic projects.

I have lived and worked in both Pittsburgh and Los Angeles. now I am working remote out of Pittsburgh, Pa.

I graduated with a Masters of Fine Arts in Film & Digital Media from Chatham University. I also have a Bachelor of Science in Web & Multimedia from the Art Institute of Pittsburgh. Before that, a little bit of journalism and creative writing at WVU

I have worked with:

Dherbs (Social Networking)
Wyn Enterprises & Grape City
(UI design and data visualization)
(Email design / coding)
City of Hope
(Digital Fundraising Campaigns)
AEG Presents
(Motion Graphics, Email Development)
Two Bit Circus
(Digital Fundraising Campaign)
Best Buy
(Internal Comms)
Christiane Dolores, Multimedia artist, Pittsburgh, Pa
(Video Art)
Mast, Electronic artist. Los Angeles, Ca (Music Videos)

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